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If you're looking for quality sound, check out our new and used Martin Guitars for sale at the links below!  The world of acoustic guitars is varied and often eclectic. From the high school variant that has to be robust, to the fragile perfection of the higher end models used in studios and on stage. The company has a range of guitars that span from their large classical OM series to the Dreadnought D-series. Their range is mostly priced above $1000 but they do make models for the less financially lubricated amongst us that come in at around half that.  Contact us for a Martin Guitar quote.  We have several for sale starting at $300.00!    

Their cheapest entry-level model the 001 and the DX1 series are $499. There is a series called the Little Martin but these are not full size guitars.  


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The Stradivarius connection 

The Martin Guitar Company was founded by a violin maker called Christian Frederick Martin, who was trained in Austria, the home of the famed Stradivarius violin. His factory has now made over 1,200,000 guitars, all of which are hand-made to this day.  

The manufacturing process Martin Guitars use is amazing. The factory floor is divided up into work areas where long-term employees, mostly professional luthiers, apply their unique skills to ensuring that every guitar is perfectly made.  

And they are. Tonally, visually and functionally perfect. This is achieved by an unparalleled quality control system. Not a mark, scratch, string buzz or cloudy finish gets by the 50+ inspections during manufacturing. 



The entry level D-1 is a very plain looking instrument. They are still relatively expensive, however, the sound produced is of exceptional depth and tonal quality.  The D-100 at the other end of the price spectrum has everything; the decorative finish alone is simply stunning. The $100,000 price tag makes them rare.  

The D-45 at $10,000 RRP, is a similar style guitar but without so much decoration. Still, the D-45 has over 900 pieces of abalone, cut and inlaid into the body and neck. All edges are bound, and abalone inserts decorate the fret-board. All the dreadnought series are numbered such that the higher the number the more detailed the finish and decoration. Martin make a full range of classical and specialist guitars, their website has a great catalog to check out. 

In addition all Martin guitars for sale have lifetime warranty for the original owner. 

For those who cannot afford the price tag, cheaper guitars can be found easily elsewhere, but accepting a sacrifice in tonal quality will be almost certainly required. 

 So if for the guitar equivalent of a Steinway grand piano, Martin is the best answer! 


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