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Dean guitars are classified as the greatest guitars of all time in the heavy metal genre. Not everyone will agree with this statement however with over twenty separate artist special edition guitar models, Dean Guitars are a definite favourite. The 2011 Dean Razorback Skulls which I had the pleasure to try out this week while looking at the new models, is one that stands out from the pack!  

Out of all the new models hanging up on the walls the Dean Razorback Skulls is the one that caught my attention the most. The most impressive part of this guitar is the amazing paint job which looks like it was designed for a Harley Davidson. The entire guitar looks like it was forged in hell for the darkest and heaviest metal riffs. Skulls cover the entire body and headstock giving this guitar the look any heavy guitarist would love to use on stage. Even if the tone sounded like a complete disaster, you would still look like a rock star holding this guitar on stage. The body itself is carved in a unique way which looks like it could rip an arm off due to its extra sharp edges.

View Current Dean Razorback Skulls Guitar Inventory

The Dean Razorback Skulls really sticks to its name with the skulls covering it completely and razor sharp body. Even the V shape headstock makes this guitar look even stronger, giving it a dangerous look. The tone certainly doesn’t deviate from the look with a hard and heavy metal sound. It has a very crunchy tone with which makes this ideal for power chords or getting the fuzz you’re looking for while soloing.

The Dean Razorback Skulls really delivers a killer tone however don’t even think about playing clean with this beast. Trying a clean sound with the Razorback will leave you angry and disappointed. When playing with a clean setting, this guitar has a very noisy and distorted sound. This model might not be the most versatile one available however for its style of music it has everything a metal head would love.

The Razorback also has a great body with an amazing paint job, an impressive lead and rhythm tone and durability that will outlive anyone. The best thing about this guitar is that regardless of its big and heavy appearance, it actually sits very comfortably while standing or playing live. The Dean Razorback Skulls is a must for any metal guitarist looking for a killer look while keeping a high quality tone.

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